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AJP 106 | David Thunder
— New law requires large platforms to censor within the EU

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David Thunder work as a University Lecturer and Researcher in Moral, Political and Social philosophy at the University of Navarra in Spain. He strongly warns against “Digital Services Act” (DSA), which went into effect in the European Union (and also Norway through the EØS agreement) on August 25th this year. This law requires large platforms like Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), Instagram, YouTube, Google, TikTok and others to censor certain content. Not doing so, will give the company a fine of up till 6% of their annual turnover. Thunder is especially concerned about the requirement to censor “disinformation” and “hateful” content, without any guidelines on what that is. As we have seen, in the past years, this will give “experts” the right to delete unwanted content for political reasons, without any scientific evidence. They will be able to “define the truth” without any real, democratic, political debate. At the end of the episode, Frode and Miriam invite you to join our social network on

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  • David interviewed on The Highwire The Digital Services Act Why we added more information to our Terms

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Recorded: 2023-09-06
Published: 2023-09-15

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