“Når alle tenker likt, er det ingen som tenker.” — Walter Lippmann ≔
AJP 131 | Terry Wolfe
— Cynical deception among truth seekers

Author Terry Wolfe has written the book “Fire in the Rabbit Hole” about the countless conspiracy theories circulating on the internet. After the COVID-19 lockdowns, he sees large numbers of people trying to figure out why they were lied to and why a small group of people could shut down the whole world. He also feels the pull and thrill from all the different theories at times, but he warns people against spending a lot of time on it. Wolfe observes how sincere truth seekers who are trying to figure out what is going on are taken advantage of. He explains how the very influential author H. G. Wells was calling for a socialist, technocratic “New World Order” in his books. In 1980, Marilyn Ferguson followed up with her book “The Aquarian Conspiracy”, where she stated that spirituality should be used to achieve his “New World Order”. Wells observes how it is all coming together, and people walk right into the trap of the “new” spirituality laid out for them. He believes they will go in the wanted direction, while believing they found the truth themselves. A “win” over the evil doers can be staged, and people will trust in the “New World Order”, without understanding its sinister foundation – far from the love and light it claims to be.

Terry Wolfe:
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We got introduced to Terry Wolf through The subtlecain Podcast:
The subtlecain Podcast:
  • Episode 62: Interview - Terry Wolfe

Mentioned topics (chronological order):
cognitive dissonance (search)
the green world order (search)
new age (search)
one world religion (search)
h g wells (search)
  • h g wells - the new world order (search)
  • h g wells - the open conspiracy (search)
george orwell (search)
  • george orwell 1984 (search)
theosophy (search)
    ◦ helena petrovna blavatsky (search)
  • alice ann bailey (search)
  • marilyn ferguson (search)
esalen institute (search)
the men who stare at goats (search)
age of aquarius (search)
the new world religion - gary h. kah (search)
covid (search)
the holographic universe - michael talbot (search)
peyote ceremony (search)
oprah winfrey - the secret (search)
egyptology (search)
laser cut stones mysteries (search)
pyramids aligned with stars (search)
you will know them by their fruits
independent thinker (search)
flat earth theory (search)
  • david weiss flat earth (search)
9%2f11 attacks (search)
  • tomahawk missile (search)
  • wtc7 (search)
  • a structural reevaluation of the collapse of world trade center 7
  • seven documentary
non-player character %28npc%29 (search)
canada maid program (search)
mennonites (search)
  • menno simons (search)
the radical reformation (search)
the magisterial reformation (search)
catholicism (search)
martyrs mirror - thieleman j. van braght (search)
mennonites belize (search)

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Recorded: 2024-02-19
Published: 2024-03-06

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