“Når alle tenker likt, er det ingen som tenker.” — Walter Lippmann ≔
AJP 52 | Patrick Wood
— A new economic order is being enforced

Patrick Wood is an Economist, Author and Editor of the website He is referred to as the world's leading expert on the topic 'technocracy'. In this episode, he gives an excellent overview of the history of technocracy, besides their ideology, aims and influence in the world today. He explains how the COVID-19 situation was a part of a coup to enforce a new international economic order – the Sustainable development where the currency will be energy units. He talks about how the former Norwegian Prime Minister Gro Harlem Brundtland, was a dedicated technocrat and considered the mother of the Sustainable development economic model. Wood believes this will eliminate all individual freedom across the world if implemented.

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Earth Brokers: Power, Politics and World Development by Pratap Chatterjee, Matthias Finger
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Recorded: 2022-02-25
Published: 2022-03-11

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