“Når alle tenker likt, er det ingen som tenker.” — Walter Lippmann ≔
AJP 135 | Terry Wolfe
— Authorities will disclose “special knowledge” about aliens

Author and researcher Terry Wolfe have observed how we have been conditioned to believe in aliens for decades. Movies and TV-shows like the X-files have “normalised” the idea of secrets about UFOs and aliens hidden by the Pentagon. Several presidents have been asked to disclose the secrets, and the Congress in the USA is currently revealing this type of information. Wolfe sees how this is in line with the spirituality of some influential groups, like the Jesuits. He also points to some alternative media outlets stating that aliens are spiritual beings that we can communicate with. Wolfe strongly warns us that this is going to lead to demon worship, as these aliens are not what they are said to be. He believes the aliens will play a major role after the global collapse that is being orchestrated these days, and he advises people to be careful about who they put their trust in.

Terry Wolfe:
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  • Fire in the Rabbit Hole
  • Maybe Everyone Is Wrong: Revelations, Conspiracy, and the Kingdom of Heaven

We got introduced to Terry Wolf through The subtlecain Podcast:
The subtlecain Podcast:
  • Episode 62: Interview - Terry Wolfe

Topics discussed:
ufo (search)
  • uap (search)
  • (UFO-landinga i Aure)
lucifer telescope (search)
greg reese infowars (search)
2001 a space odyssey (search)
dr hugh ross - ufo (search)
star wars 1977 (search)
  • luke skywalker (search)
2017 tic tac new york times (search)
hillary clinton ufo disclosure (search)
donald trum jr interviewing donald trump (search)
the galactic federation (search)
  • israel galactic federation (search)
christ consciousness (search)
close encounter of the fifth kind (search)
göbekli tepe (search)
gaia network (search)
ancient aliens (search)
the morning of the magicians (search)
  • book at
  • jacques bergier (search)
  • louis pauwels (search)
the men who stare at goats (search)
jim channon (search)
wernher von braun (search)
  • wernher von braun harry truman (search)
operation paperclip (search)
peter thiel stagnation of technology (search)
communitarianism (search)
neo-feudalism (search)
carroll quigley (search)
  • tragedy and hope - carroll quigley (search)
A 105-mile-long city will snake through the Saudi desert.
elon musk mars (search)
Terry Wolfe @ The Delingpod

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Recorded: 2024-02-26
Published: 2024-04-05

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